Car Title Loans In Allen, TX

Maybe you've heard of the latest release from Apple being its iPhone 10 and you're ready to head to your local electronics store or order online and proudly own one. Apple has certainly put more fun gadgets and enhanced features into this model than any other model released yet and sales are expected to soar. But when you last checked your just a few dollars short of being able to buy one, so when you hear about car title loans in Allen, TX, you wonder whether or not you can use one to buy this new iPhone. Well, you'll be happy to know the answer is "yes, you can." But why is it you can use car title loans to buy a new iPhone when you can't usually use other loans for that purpose?

Car title loans in Allen, TX are not like most other loans where the lender may track your usage of the loan, or possibly deny your request if they don't feel their loan is being put to a good use. Instead, title loans are given to you based on your owning a vehicle, and since the vehicle is yours, the money is treated as yours as well. You will have a set time that you will have to pay it back, but in the meantime you can buy the new iPhone 10 or anything else with your title loan.

What You Need To Obtain Prior To Applying For Car Title Loans In Allen, TX

As car title loans are legal in Texas and don't have a lot of regulations in this state, you won't have too much to worry about by way of documents needed to apply, but you will need a few. These are the three most important ones you'll need:

  1. Your vehicle title
  2. Your income as shown on a paycheck, bank statement, utility bill or other financial document
  3. A photo ID that's issued by the state

If you owe nothing on your vehicle to the bank, dealership or original seller of your vehicle, your title should already be cleared, though you'll need to double check it to be sure. If you do still owe money on it, chances are you're going to have to finish paying it off in order to get your title, and you may need to pay a fee to the DMV to have the liens removed from it. There also is usually a small fee if the title is lost or stolen.

Usually for a photo ID, a driver's license is the most commonly used ID. But if you can't find that or you're not comfortable having your license number given away, you could use a passport, permanent resident card or military ID. You cannot use a birth certificate, social security card or any photo ID that's not issued by a government agency such as a student ID or employee ID.

Easy Application For Car Title Loans In Allen, TX

It isn't rocket science at all to apply for one of our car title loans in Allen, TX. You could head straight to our store in downtown Allen to do it, but you can get it finished even quicker by using our online title loan estimate and application. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can borrow in a car title loan, but you will need to bring your documents to our store and also undergo a vehicle inspection before our lenders make the final determination. We'll hold onto your title until the loan is paid, and usually once you've completed signing over yout title to us you'll get your funds within hours. For any more questions about our car title loans in Plano or Allen, TX, you can visit our FAQ page or give us a call.