Title Loans in McKinney, TX

When you think there's no hope to make ends meet this month, fret not — friends and family aren't the only support structures you have. You may have heard things about unethical lending practices among title-based lender vendors, and we're here to get the facts straight: Not all lending companies rely on dishonest practices and legal loopholes to pay their bills.

There are many lending options available for those who need a temporary boost: payday, cash advance and signature lending are three to name. However, only a McKinney or Plano title loan can offer all of the benefits of law-abiding interest rates and five-figure loan sums without any credit checks to speak of. The only requirement to get your foot in the door is the temporary provision of a vehicle title as collateral — that's it.

We believe that by keeping the fees and rates low for our clients, we're doing our part to help them climb out of their financial trenches and stand on their own two feet once more. Our business isn't just to put food on our tables, but to ensure that our clients can put food on their own as well.

Fastest Application in the World for Title Loans in McKinney, TX

How often do you hear about financial forms of one sort or another that take 30 seconds or less to fill out? We're betting you haven't heard of any. The smart ones keep it short and sweet — we're one of those companies. Our lightning-quick online application requests the following:

  • Vehicle basics: mileage, make and model
  • Your name and phone number, which we'll contact shortly
  • An email address for record-keeping
  • Your ZIP code

Nope, there are no strings attached — that's really all we need from you to get the ball rolling. Our site will generate an instant quote for you while you wait for one of our representatives to call you back, at which point your financial situation will be discussed. If you have any questions about our policies or how title loans in McKinney work, feel free to ask away. We want our clients to feel secure with their decision!

Once you've decided that you're ready to move forward with us by your side, the only information we'll need to collect is proof of identity and a pay stub or deposit information as evidence of your income stability. Your vehicle information along with your income status will help us determine how large your loan can be. Remember that we don't run credit checks, so if your credit is less than awesome, that's okay.

Legal Protection for Our Clients

1. Assurance

Texas law prohibits any lender such as ourselves from producing title loans in McKinney that can not reasonably be paid off within the agreed-upon time window. This is why we must check your income before proceeding.

2. Seizure of Assets

We can't modify your title while it's in our possession, and we can't do anything to the vehicle that it represents unless you're over one month behind on your payments. Usually, we prefer that you refinance instead.

3. Usurious Lending Practices

Lender vendors are strictly required by law to keep their overhead rates on the loan at 10% maximum; exceeding this figure is a felony that can quickly shut down the business.

4. Licensing and Certification

All lending representatives must be legally bonded to their practice in order to issue McKinney, TX title loans.

No Better Option

  1. Cash Delivery Within an Hour or Less
  2. Average Loans in the Thousands
  3. Refinancing and Buyout Plans
  4. Zero Credit Score Assessments